Our History & Purpose

What Does Srinithi Garments Means

Srinithi Garments is a Textile manufacturing and exporting company established in Tirupur during the year 2011. Srinithi Garments assures customers of quality, consistency and dependable delivery schedules at internationally competitive prices. Always according to full satisfaction of our clients. Company is strict to be Buyer Friendly. International Purchasers can enjoy full freedom to get right products. Without stage-by-stage approval from right authority of Buyers, executing products will not move forward in our production system. What you dreamt would be in your hands, finally.

  • Ladies Leggings
  • Ladies Shrugs
  • Ladies Patiala
  • 3/4th Leggings
  • Kids Leggings
  • Kids Patiala

Products To Meet You

Established in the year 2011 by a group of experienced technocrats of apparel & clothing industry, Srinithi Garments has become strong with quality and timely deliveries. Situated in Tirupur, Garment city of India. The Company has made remarkable progress in all it's Manufacturing & Supplying activities of entire women garment range. Knowing changing global business trends, Indian Flower is committed to offer products in most competitive price structures without harming general quality. Indian Flower manufacturers all types of Women's and Children's wears etc according to custom requirements of overseas clientele. Mercerized products are our specialty. To know more about our product ranges.

Our Social Responsibility

The new global economy dictates that all successful businesses are conducted in a socially responsible manner. Companies now see social accountability as a way to retain good employees, to win consumer and brand loyalty and ensure goodwill with the public and investors but we can only maximize this value if we respect our commitment to everyone of our stakeholders:
customers, Consumers, suppliers, shareowners, colleagues, and the communities in, which we operate. Srinithi Garments is unswerving in its commitment to ethical business practices and strives to work with Stakeholders who are willing to follow our lead.

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